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From a Garage to a Studio

Martha’s workspace has grown and developed over time.  It began as a single bench and a few hand tools in a two car garage.  In the last couple of years, however, the simple “bench in the garage” has been transformed into a real studio.  The space is now insulated, heated, and air conditioned. The old single bulb lights have been upgraded to track spotlights and excellent general lighting.  The “few hand tools” collection has grown to include a number of metalworking tools — hammers, measuring devices, marking tools, stakes, anvils, vices, stumps, and such.   The single bench is now a long workstation: a bench with a rolling mill, a combination press/shear/ brake, a flex shaft, and a soldering station that features an overhead exhaust hood and an air filtration system.  Another bench has been added, which houses a kiln, a drill press, a belt / disk sander, and a hydraulic press.  That side of the studio is rounded out with a polishing lathe / buffer, and a large shear.  In addition, Martha has expanded the workspace to allow three students to work comfortably in their own fully equipped stations.  In all, it has become a great space in which to work, collaborate, and create new objects!  Some photos of the studio are below.